Superior Street Mercantile

Superior Street Mercantile is a local food market building our community by creating a Superior Experience.

Superior Street Mercantile (SSM) was established in December of 2021 as part of the expanding effort to reinvigorate Downtown Albion. While there are still many hurdles to clear to make this happen, we are making progress by completing one building and one storefront at a time.

The vision of a downtown grocery store in Albion was conceived on a simple premise: Many people, due to transportation constraints, do not have access to fulfilling their needs when it comes to high-quality fresh food. Our goal is to serve our growing downtown population that desires and deserves the opportunity to have their daily necessities, including food, …


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Product Selection


  • Ferry Farms

  • Willow Garden

  • Tom Maceri Produce

  • MOO-ville Creamery

  • Lipari Foods

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