Meet Our Partners

We consider our suppliers as key partners in the long-term success of Superior Street Mercantile. Without great vendors, that are carefully chosen by our staff, we will not be able to please our customers at the level we strive for.

Our partners are selected using a few key attributes. 1) Quality of their offering. We will not sacrifice quality with any of our offerings. High quality defines the Superior Street Mercantile experience 2) Local availability. We will partner with companies that are in or near the Mid-Michigan area. Close proximity is a key component to a quality and healthy offering.

We are always looking for feedback on the offerings that we provide at Superior Street Mercantile.

  • KeHE


    Our mission to Serve and feed America is fueled by an obsession with natural & organic, specialty, and fresh products. These delight consumers and deliver stellar growth for our customers and suppliers. This zest is best described as crazy GOOD™. At KeHE, we’re not content with just plain good; we aspire to next-level goodness, crazy GOOD™, in all aspects of our operations.
  • EBMY Farm

    EBMY Farm

    EBMY Farm is a 70 acre farm in southern Michigan. We have a small flock of layer birds including Brahma and Faverolles chickens, Pekin ,Rouen, Ancona and Splash ducks, Two female geese an African and a Toulouse , and our Cochin rooster. We also have a small orchard and vegetable gardens that supplies produce for our speciality sauces, spreads and salsas. Paige is a pastry chef and owned a bakery in Charleston, South Carolina where she developed her line of chutneys. Steve is currently a college professor, but previously held the position of a project manager which makes his job of completing farm projects his speciality.
  • Great Lakes Olive Oil Co

    Great Lakes Olive Oil Co

    Great Lakes Olive Oil Co. was founded in 2010, by the Lee family. Self-proclaimed Foodies, the Lee family, has a passion for good food; it was this passion that lead them to start Great Lakes Olive Oil Co. While vacationing in 2010, the Lee’s were introduced to the unique world of high quality oils and vinegars and fell in love! After some family discussion and a few bottles of wine, Great Lakes Olive Oil Co. was born. Over the years the family has changed, gaining a new generation of future olive oil lovers, along with the passing of the Lee family Patriarch; which jump started the “Red Caps for a Cause” campaign. The only thing that has remained constant is their love of family, food, and sharing these passions with their Great Lakes Olive Oil Co.’s guests.
  • Cherry-Republic

    Cherry Republic

    Cherry Republic is about as far from Corporate America as you can imagine. So when we set about to craft a Mission/Vision/Values statement, we knew it would be a bit unconventional. No corporate speak. No management buzzwords. No pretense. Our Core Values would be a genuine, heartfelt description of who we are and who we strive to be each day. It would be a living document, not something trapped in a dusty binder or relegated to a Cloud-based file. Cherry Republic celebrates Michigan's Montmorency Tart Cherry through its 200+ cherry-based products including chocolate-covered cherries, BBQ sauces, jams, jellies, salsas, nut mixes, ice cream toppings, baked goods, condiments, soda pop, cherry wine and cherry beer. The company employs approximately 80 year-round workers and has retail stores in Glen Arbor, Traverse City, Ann Arbor, Holland, Frankenmuth, and Charlevoix. Since its inception in 1989, the company has donated $2 million to nonprofits that positively impact the environment and communities throughout Michigan.
  • American Spoon

    American Spoon

    In 1982, Justin Marshall began making preserves in our Northern Michigan storefront kitchen. After all these years, our skilled crew still prepares fruit by hand and cooks with care in small-batch copper kettles. We work directly with a dedicated group of Michigan farmers and foragers who grow and gather the unique varieties of fruit we love, prized over generations for unparalleled taste and character. Our small, family-owned company exists, to find, capture, and preserve flavors you simply won’t find anywhere else.
  • Albanese Candy

    Albanese Candy

    Albanese is a confectionery manufacturer, retailer, and distributor. For more than 30 years, we’ve made the World’s Best Gummies and Chocolates in the United States by using our simple recipe for success: putting flavor and texture first, always finding a better way, and never taking ourselves too seriously. Our gummies and chocolates taste different because we’re different. All of our gummies, chocolates, and nuts are made at our factory located in the heart of the Midwest. We only produce the highest quality ingredients sourced exclusively from American and European growers. We’re best known for our 12 Flavor Gummi Bears®, but we have lots of fan favorites. If you like sour, our sour options that start sour, and stay sour, will surely make you pucker up! We appreciate our sugar-free and natural gummi fanatics too – we even mastered the Ultimate™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™ that elevate the tasting experience! Look for the Gummi with the “A” on the Tummy to make sure you have the World’s Best in your hands.
  • Design Design Logo

    Design Design

    Founded in 1987, Design Design is the first brand within the Convivial Brands umbrella. Design Design changed the game in how people can express their feelings through humor, sentiment, and celebration. Being a leader in the social expression industry, Design Design creates products that evoke emotion—turning moments into memories. Our specialty is paper, and we do it exceptionally well. Having a unique mix of greeting cards, stationery/gift items, gift packaging options, birthday candles, and high-quality paper tableware, we are known for creating an on-trend, fun, and relevant mixture of collections.
  • Vintage Wine Company Logo

    Vintage Wine Company

    Vintage Wine Company is a family owned, professional, full services wine distributor with vast wine knowledge and experience. Our values of Family, Professional, Driven and Reputation are behind all we do. With over 40 years of experience, Vintage Wine Company is big enough to provide efficient wine distribution throughout the entire state of Michigan and small enough to service each and every customer on a personal level, supplying them with all the tools necessary to grow their business, as we continue to grow ours.
  • West Michigan Pasta and Provisions Logo

    West Michigan Pasta and Provisions

    Located in Mattawan Michigan West Michigan Pasta and Provisions. A small batch production is essential for monitoring quality and providing custom-crafted possibilities. We use brass die extrusions and traditional Italian equipment to produce the desirable shapes, texture, and bite. Their standard recipe uses two key ingredients: Semolina and Water. Durum Semolina flour and specialty grains are processed in the USA which still servers as a base for all of our specialty pastas.
  • Odd Brothers Cider Logo

    Odd Brothers Cider

    Odd Brothers Craft Cider is a craft cider company offering hard ciders that are just as unique and odd as we are. Born of two brothers, as different as we are similar, on a constant search for ciders that inspire us. From arguments to experiments, we strive to find the perfect blends of yeast, sweetness, and inventive flavors; all of which combine to make ciders anyone and everyone can love. We offer an array of flavors and styles that range from sweet to dry and from complex to simple. Our ciders go beyond the norm. Venture out from the beer and wine and give our craft hard ciders a try.
  • Foundry Bakehouse and Deli Logo


    Just like all the ingredients that made the original Albion Foundry an integral part of the community, the Foundry Bakehouse & Deli draws its inspiration from the people and manufacturing businesses that built Albion. Taking cues from the past to connect to the present, we’ve named every delicious Foundry Bakehouse and Deli sandwich after a part, a tool, or a process used in foundries.
  • Cedar Crest Dairy Logo

    Cedar Crest Dairy

    Since 1928, Cedar Crest has been doing business the family way: treating customers, coworkers, and suppliers with the highest degree of honesty and service. We believe in excellence, both in the quality of products we deliver and the brands we choose to partner with.
  • Jake's Country Meats Logo

    Jake’s Country Meats

    Our family has been working the land for 7 generations, sustaining into the future through transparency and direct connections. Get to know us more and develop a relationship that impacts the future of food.
  • Lipari Foods Logo

    Lipari Foods

    While distributing great food brands is our specialty, we offer so much more. Lipari Foods is committed to providing exceptional customer service and innovative solutions for our customers.
  • MOO-ville Creamery Logo

    MOO-ville Creamery

    MOO-ville Creamery is family owned and operated. We milk 200 cows with robots in Nashville, Michigan. We believe in producing high quality Milk and process it as little as possible. We bottle our own milk, make our own ice cream, cheese, and butter, all under the MOO-ville logo. We welcome you to visit us where you can see how our Holsteins are cared for. We DO NOT use growth hormones.
  • Tom Maceri Produce Logo

    Tom Maceri Produce

    Tom Maceri Produce specializes in buying the highest quality products in the industry.  We turn our product better than anyone in the industry and work hard to ensure minimum out of stocks.
  • Willow Garden Logo

    Willow Garden

    Our farm products at Willow Garden are all Certified Organic! Everything is grown, washed, and packed by us on our small 8-acre farm. As the seasons change, so does our inventory.
  • Ferry Farms Logo

    Ferry Farms

    Our family farm started in 1906 and we are the fourth generation owner/operators. We are crop farmers, dairy farmers, and beef farmers. We think we have the best job in the world. Our favorite part is that we get to put a seed in the ground each spring, nurse it into high-quality feed for our animals, then watch them use it to produce the foods and drinks that we get to put on our family's table and the tables of families all around our community. That's the most rewarding!
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