Love Bread Whole Heartedly: The History of Bread

Love Bread Whole Heartedly: The History of Bread

Bread is a staple food in almost every culture on earth and is a key element in many cuisines- It is universal and has always been part of the human experience. We’re now in a place where baking doesn’t just include bread but other things like pastries, cakes, and cookies: Bread was the start of it all and initially brought people together around the table.

The History of Baking

Baking has been a form of cooking for thousands of years, tracing all the way back to ancient civilizations. Historians have found evidence that Ancient Greece and Egypt were baking bread as early as 600 B.C.E. However, it wasn’t like the bread we’re used to. Then, it was more of a dense flatbread because yeast had not been used in the baking process at that time. Later, Ancient Egypt was among the first to bake bread with yeast in 2600 B.C.E, more closely related to the bread we’re used to now.

Aside from Europe, Native American cultures have also included bread baking, whether in the same form as early European bread or tortillas.

 The European process of baking bread was brought over with the settlers in North America and adopted: wheat was the overwhelming majority of crops planted in New England, and bread was a staple part of the early American diet, evolving into where we are now. 

Bread in 2023

Now, we have endless kinds of bread from different cultures all around the world, like white bread, naan, sourdough, brioche, etc. However, it all shares a common history.

Whether for sandwiches, to pair with butter for dinner, or french toast, bread is now used for many sweet and savory dishes. And Having fresh, high-quality bread is a must: Count on Superior Street Mercantile to be your go-to stop for good bread.

Bread at Superior Street Mercantile 

At Superior Street Mercantile, there are many fresh bread options to bring home to enjoy with your meals or on its own. Naming a few, there are garlic loaves, French baguettes, dinner rolls, and even a delicious cinnamon brioche. 

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Love Bread Whole Heartedly

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Bring home a fresh loaf of bread for the dinner table this week, and enjoy the small thing that has brought people together for centuries.