Charcuterie gift box


A mix of sweet and savory flavors to delight your friends and family, highlight by locally made sausage from Ferry Farms and Superior Street Mercantile’s chocolates and dried fruit packed right here in our store. Includes:

  • Ferry Farms Dried Sausage – 8oz of top-notch sausage from the one and only Litchfield family farm. These are top selling items here in store for charcuterie boards.
  • Carr’s Entertainment Cracker Assortment – Look no further than Carr’s crackers to provide the best delivery method for your charcuterie snacking. This mix had a little bit of everything, whether you decide to add cheese to your board or not.
  • Superior Street Mercantile Dried Cherries & Mangos – Good enough to snack on by themselves and a perfect pairing for the saltiness of the other goodies in this box.
  • Nubake Phyllo Crisps – A sweet, crunchy offering for your board – these are not just great tasting, they are a beautiful addition to any charcuterie offering.
  • Mezzetta Olives & Peppers – Every charcuterie board needs salt and acid to cut the smokiness of the sausage while also providing loads of flavor. Mezzetta items offer great quality with great value.
  • Superior Street Mercantile Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts and Sea Salt Caramels – Super popular chocolates to send your palate off on a sweet note.
  • Dalmatia Fig Spread – We add a bit of this delicious spread to boards we make here in store because it’s such a unique offering that can’t be ignored.