The Superior Experience at the Mercantile

The Superior Experience at the Mercantile

What makes a shopping experience superior

What is a Superior Experience? It is the hoped-for goal of the Superior Street Mercantile (SSM), and it has three key components:

  • A welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • An organized and clean space
  • A variety of fresh, local, and high-quality products

Being welcomed by knowledgeable and friendly staff

Excellent customer service is a fundamental aspect of the Superior Experience. The staff endeavors to create a friendly atmosphere. They understand the community and their needs and do everything in their power to create the best customer experience and celebrate their loyalty. Customer service can make all the difference. The staff remembers you and assists you in more ways than larger grocery stores do. They are also passionate about the work and the community. They create the best-personalized experience for every customer.

Entering an organized and clean space

Before SSM moved into the space, the place was in rough shape. Now, the store has a state-of-the-art design experienced in larger cities, something that the city of Albion has not seen. This space is also kept clean and organized,  and new customers are often awestruck when they enter Superior Street Mercantile.

Enjoying a variety of fresh, local, and high-quality products 

There is a large variety of foods and products that are fresh, local, and high quality. Many of these products are not found in larger grocery stores.

In summary, the Superior Experience is the beginning of a journey to build a better Albion. To offer something new and better to the community by serving its needs and offering unique products.  Ultimately, the Superior Experience is an effort to transform Albion.

The building of the Superior Experience will not stop with just Superior Street Mercantile. It is a part of a vision to redevelop downtown Albion. Anyone can join in this journey. Simply buying from Superior Street Mercantile contributes to the beneficial impact. The Superior Experience mission is to provide the best experience, offer better quality products, and build a better Albion. And never stop trying.