Why A Downtown Market is important for A Vibrant Community

Why A Downtown Market is important for A Vibrant Community

A Grocery Store vs. a Community Experience

In today’s world, larger shopping centres are becoming increasingly abundant. Despite that trend, there is still room for a downtown market to flourish, as they can serve their respective communities better.

First and foremost, a downtown market should be convenient for the residents, who are its target clientele. There is a fundamental difference between a local market and a mall or a larger chain store. A larger shopping centre appeals to the general population, whereas a downtown market targets the needs of a local community. While both are grocery stores, they have different missions and target demographics.

A downtown market assists the local economy. It is a chance for local foods to be sold and higher-quality foods to be sold as well. Downtown markets, though small, can offer drastically different products that you may not be able to find at your bigger convenience stores.

Another benefit that a downtown market can offer is personalized customer service that inspires return visits. Since they better serve their unique communities, a local market can go above and beyond for its customers. The service is expected to be extremely friendly; they may know you by name, listen to your suggestions, and create an outstanding customer experience.

Catering to a Community’s Unique Needs and Expectations

For a thriving community, a downtown market should be a snapshot of that town’s spirit. Not only should it reflect the city, but it should also cater to the diverse community it serves. Any place can have many businesses, but that quantity alone doesn’t add character to the community. For example, in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Hanoi Municipal Government was going to convert over 400 wet markets into modern shopping centers back in 2009. A wet market is a marketplace that sells meat and produce; they can be found in several southeast Asian countries. They are, in some ways, similar to those of a downtown market.

That decision was overturned when the Market Cities Program partners organized a “Save the Markets” campaign. In most Asian countries, these wet markets are more beneficial to their respective communities and community members, as they are unique to their culture and are run by locals selling their food. There was a strong belief that these proposed modern shopping centers would have been detrimental to the local culture.

It’s a strong case for why a downtown market is everything for a vibrant community. It is a place that knows the community better, serves its members better, sells local food, and is a part of the culture.


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